Getting started headset

Audio-Technica TAD500 ES500/ES700

Audio-Technica has discontinued the ES55/ES7 and updated the ES500 and ES700. I have heard that the ES500 has little change in sound compared to the ES5, and the price is basically the same. It is still worth recommending. The ES700 has a much higher balance than the ES7 sound, and it also improves the problem of easy scratching of the outer casing (changed to the brushed design, of course, there are also fans who think this has no mirror effect). If you compare the ES700 and ES500, the ES700 sounds more slender and the resolution is undoubtedly better, but the comfort of the ES500 is somewhat insufficient, and it is slightly chucked. As a portable headset, the ES500/ES700 is still a good choice.


Due to the complete discontinuation of the MA series, the current price of this headset is very cheap, it should be said that the price is good, the comfort of wearing may be better than the thousand dollar, the driver is easier, but this headset The sound is moderate and the low frequency is also lacking. It is enough for comprehensive applications such as music and video games at home.

Soundmagic HP100

There are few large headphones with high-end positioning in the country, closed headphones with 53mm diaphragm, and all the functions and accessories are complete, but this headset is not easy to drive. I personally think that the portable bag and pluggable wire are designed, but this one. Headphones are still not suitable for street use. The appearance is good, the wearing is very comfortable, the open sound field with closed headphones, and the very straight white sound, the current price has dropped to 900 yuan, it should be said that compared to K271MKII, D1100 I think from the sound quality and balance Have certain advantages. The main disadvantage is that the IF part is slightly straightforward. Much popular music have tooth sounds, which is not particularly suitable.

Creative Aurvana Live2

Many people expect me to listen to this headset. It turns out that it is still a diving king, and the price has dropped to a very low level. The sound is not much different from the previous generation Live, the low frequency is still up, the intermediate frequency is very warm, the high-frequency part is improved compared with the previous generation, and the sound field is also improved due to structural problems. The earphones are a lot bigger, the real all-inclusive ear, the wearing is also very comfortable, the appearance is also improved, but although the ear can be placed flat because the volume has also improved a lot, it is still not very portable. In addition, I spit out the design of this change line. Since it is changeable, why do you only give a line with a mobile phone with wheat, with wheat affecting the sound quality, and the mobile phone is not very good, a bit nondescript, at least should be Give a 3m long line without wheat, and use it for computers and players. There is no cost.

Live has never been a balanced headset but listening to Asian pop and vocals, I believe there are still many people like it, the price is still reasonable, recommend it.

TDK signature ST800

This year, both Plextor and TDK have headphones, recorders, and discs. This headset is high-profile (3w yen level), the price is very low (1w yen,), the price is not bad, using a 50mm diaphragm, and this headset does not blindly cater to mobile phone users and magic sound. The shape is a bit strange, and the wearing comfort is also general, but the bilateral entry, there is no microphone, it should be said that it is still very own ideas, I think the popular effect I think Not bad. The highlight of this headset is its own digital zoom function. One side of the earmuff is similar to the noise canceling earphone. It can be loaded with two 7th batteries. After the remote control is turned on, in addition to a brain low-frequency EQ function, there is also a digital zoom function. In addition, the outer ring of the other earmuff can be adjusted to adjust the volume. After the digital zoom function is turned on, it is equivalent to bring an amplifier, which is easy to drive on low-power devices, and the sound is obviously improved. (Under the spit, a well-known digital website in China, you evaluated this headset, did not find that after turning on the remote control Is there a digital zoom function, the sound obviously changes, is it just to adjust EQ?). This headset is suitable for people who use low-powered mobile phones, tablets and other devices to listen to popular music and watch videos, but it needs to be said that this headset is not very portable.


1MORE iBFree Sport

I first saw this 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset, which is really exciting inside. Although it is a relatively cheap headset in 1MORE products, the overall packaging design is unambiguous, and it is very sincere! The small and beautiful packaging uses an in-line structure to protect the headphones from bumps. However, while taking out the inner packaging, it feels a little laborious. Maybe something beautiful needs to wait.

After opening the inner packaging, there are two separate packaging boxes, one with the evaluation of the protagonist 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset, and a box with a charger and earmuffs accessories, with English instructions placed underneath.

The color of this experience is red, you can see that the back cover of the sound chamber is high-grade and beautiful metal grain. It is understood that the metal parts of the earphone use more than 20 precision metal processes, which are really fine and beautiful. At the same time, the metal texture can also be effectively anti-slip, scratch-resistant, not easy to touch fingerprints, and more suitable for the hand. The wire control and cable clamps are not only unique in terms of function but also add color to the value of the 1MORE iBFree Sport. Although the overall weight is not heavy, it gives a strong sense of quality.

Of course, as a headphone, sound effects and functions are more of my concern! Compared to many Bluetooth headsets in the market, the 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset looks relatively simple, but you don’t want to be as simple as I think, it’s really not easy, especially for the “Sport” headset positioning is really amazing.

•One-line control without “line” system

1MORE iBFree Sport is a line-by-wire design that combines all the functions of the buttons. Unlike most common line controls, the line controller places the charger interface on the left side for easy compression of volume components and convenience. Charging, in addition to “+” / “-” to adjust the volume, there is also a central control button for playing pause/switch tracks and connected calls, etc., greatly facilitate the use of sports. The power-on button and the power-off button are the same buttons, which is convenient for using the switch machine and can also be connected with the own APP to open the language assistant function of Tencent. The button is also designed with a seamless push-type design, and the line-controlled waterproof level reaches IPX 6, which means you don’t have to worry if you run in the rain. It can effectively prevent dust, sweat, and rain from falling in. It is really tailored for sports people!

In addition, the official display, 1MORE Bluetooth chip, using V4.2 Bluetooth version, communication distance of up to 10 meters; high-performance lithium polymer battery, fully charged, can achieve calls for about 8 hours, playing music for about 8 hours. Fully meet the daily exercise time needs.

• Wireless stunning sound

The reason why this earphone makes me most unrequited is its sound effect, and it is also the biggest source of power for my night run. The 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset features a 10 mm diameter aerospace metal diaphragm, aerospace metal + PET double-layer design that combines high-frequency extension with low-frequency dive performance and delivers rich detail while ensuring mellow The midrange and solid bass, summed up the two words “with a sense of”! Of course, it adapts to the ACC high-quality codec technology of the ios system, greatly improving the transmission speed, while retaining the original sound completely, so that the charm of the sound effect is fully displayed. Whether you are in the drama/rest at home, or in the running/commuting/sports, you can be completely intoxicated and difficult to extricate yourself.

• Private custom app

After finishing the hardware, of course, I would like to praise the 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset for the APP – 1MORE Music. As a heavy user of Netease Cloud Music App, after getting in touch with 1MORE Music APP, I chose to dive without hesitation (of course, only when burning calories ~). The biggest reason is its high adaptability to sports people.

1. Four major running sports songs, let music be customized for sports

APP has a total of four categories of music, such as step frequency matching music, basic entry running, advanced entry running, and professional fat burning running. Each class has a special sports song list that fully meets the needs of my various sports environments.

2. Intelligent detection of exercise state, making exercise more scientific

As the saying goes, “Master takes the door and practices in the individual.” 1MORE Music APP is the most respected master! In particular, it provides private sports data monitoring, recording your own sports information every second, so that everyone knows their own movements. This is not going to be an unhealthy exercise! It’s a nightmare for calories! I chose a night with a black wind for a good night. In the rain, I started the night running mode with the 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset!

After the successful connection of Bluetooth, I chose the basic entry running, adjusted the position of the earmuffs, and jogged with the music “struggling”, here I have to say that the earmuffs are really super Nice! It completely catches your ears, so you don’t have to worry about falling when you run.

Regardless of being a travel photographer or a sports enthusiast, I think the 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset has surpassed the definition of a “sports smart Bluetooth” headset because it brings a better listening experience and functional experience. Give more by itself. While we pay attention to the sense of ritual needs of life, sports should also need a sense of art. The intelligent communication without “line” and the intelligent matching of humanity are the first step to enhance the artistic sense of sports, and the most important. step!

Finally, still the beginning of the sentence: 1MORE iBFree Sport smart Bluetooth headset, come and burn my calories with music!